“Blessed Be All Life”

All Life on our beautiful mother Earth is very precious to me and has its own unique vibration.

Healing and raising our vibration can come in many ways. Some involve using our Earth Mothers resources like Crystals, Essential Oils and Bach remedies.
My passion for those resources has allowed me to become more involved with Crystals, Oils and Bach making them into “tools” to help others on their healing path.

Crystals are used by me to create bracelets, earrings and necklaces  to help a person with the changes happening in their lives.
Oils are made into a scent that can be sprayed in the house or worn on the skin like a perfume.

Bach is made into a remedy to help bring that which needs healing to the surface so it can be dealt with.
Crystals, Essential Oils and Bach are made to fit the clients’ needs and to help raise their vibration during the process.

The whole process is done with the greatest Love and compassion, through guidance from my Angels and guides with reverence for all life.

The costs of each item will depend on what resources have been used.

May they bring you Blessings of Love, Light and Joy.

Blessed Be,