Ellens Way

Earl&TTMy name is Ellen Hirschman and I am a Spiritual Teacher. I was born in 1955 happily married, mother to a beautiful son and daughter both grown up now, a border collie named Earl and our latest addition TT a black and white cat who was a stray and decided he wanted to come live with us.
I was born in Amsterdam but left the city after I got married to go live near the sea in the country side surrounded by fields, trees and water.

As I have always been very drawn to nature and being outside. It is wonderful to be living in the middle of the country side looking out over fields, water, and towards the sky when ever I look out of my window and be part of nature just by stepping out of my front door.
These surroundings are very important to me because they let me feel my connection to nature and our mother Earth very strongly.

Having been what they call an “ empath” all my life, this is someone who can feel what others feel, has made me very much aware of energies. Feeling them in the form of a changing mood or suddenly feeling tired after going into the city, knowing things before I was told, feeling someone’s pain just by touching or being very near them, feeling someone’s unease even as they were smiling at me, feeling all this was turning me into a person who rather stayed home than go anywhere, except into nature.
Where I felt as I still do perfectly myself and at home.
So it wasn’t easy growing up feeling like I was different not like everybody else because I didn’t understand any of this at the time and could not explain what was happening to me, my family could not understand it either and therefore not help me to heal by learning and growing from these experiences. There were no medical reasons for feeling this way, so I had to look elsewhere for answers. With no one to help me at that time in my life.
It took a long time before I realized I was picking up from those around me, their feelings, moods, pains, and not just people also animals and places could me make feel this way even nature has places where she doesn’t feel so good because of what has happened there.
I learned to cope as best I could but ended up feeling really sick my whole body was in pain. It was clearly time to look at how to change my life around and I did by going for alternative treatments, Bach therapy, looking inside myself through meditations making me realise these feelings were gifts that I could use to help myself and others with.
This really turned my life around because I realized there was help out there for people like me, developing my spiritual side through taking courses, helped me to heal and find my path, my purpose, my passion for helping people as well as animals to find balance and healing letting them step forward with ease and grace on their own path.

This can only happen when it is time to do so. Everything on your spiritual path happens at the “right” time, as Divine timing is always the right timing and that is how it happened for me when I was ready to step forward and follow a new course I would always find one that took my interest and I am very grateful for this because it helped me to find my essence, my true self and some amazing people along the way.

These are the courses I have taken on my own spiritual journey; Atlantean Healing (practitioner, Master, Teacher), Oracle Messenger (Practitioner, Advanced), Magnified Healing (Master Teacher), Lemurian Healing (Teacher), Ascension Teacher, Unicorn Healing, Certified Angel Practitioner (Angel Card Readings), Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI), Touch for Health 1 & 2. I have been taught by Birkan Tore, Diana Cooper school and Charles Virtue.

As I followed my guidance I was taken on an amazing journey connecting with the Divine realm, working with Angels and Masters and more wonderful beings of light to bring the Ascension light to Earth as a channel, so it can heal those who come to me for healing and spiritual teachings.