My passion

P1040725 How can I help.. by connecting with you, your guardian Angel and guides so I get to see what it is you need help with or look at something you have told me is difficult for you… then I ask for help from the Divine realm on what the best way would be to help you this could be through Energy Healing, personal Coaching, giving you an Angel Reading to get more clarity on what you need, or what is happening, in your life.

Bringing your true essence to the surface is what I am very passionate about and you can see in the list of courses I followed the many ways we can use to help the process.

If you wish to learn more about your spiritual growth or having a stronger connection with yourself, your Angels or the Divine realm you can follow one of my workshops or courses which you can find under the heading Workshops.

These are the courses I have taken awakening my passion for doing this spiritual work:

  • Atlantian Healing
  • Lemurian Healing
  • Magnified Healing
  • Unicorn Healing
  • Certified Angel Practitioner
  • Advanced Angel Tarot and oracle card course
  • Oracle Messenger
  • Ascension Teacher
  • NEI 1 and 2 (Neurological Emotional Integration)
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